See you soon London

I lived in London for 851 days.
I am happy and thankful that I have been able to call London my home!
I am leaving this beautiful city as a stronger and more experienced woman and having made some great life long friendships!

I learned to take in the city around me as I walked though the city. You never know if the next person you meet could become a lifetime friend or when you may come across an unexpected and memorable place or moment.

I was a flatmate, roommate, student, sales assistant, model, photographer, intern, friend, best friend, girlfriend, colleague, life lover, food explorer, amateur tour guide, blogger, PR manager and supervisor. There is nothing I regret and nothing I will forget! Although there were hard times I also had some of the best times of my life!

Thank you very much London for giving me these unforgettable moments and memories. How lucky I was! I guess from now I have to call my blog “B. the Czech girl from London”

See you soon London!IMG_0528


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