Warwick Princess Experience

Warwick Castle is one of the oldest in England and boasts some of the best preserved medieval elements of any castle in the country. William the Conqueror was the first to order construction of a castle at Warwick in 1068. Over the centuries under the stewardship of the Earls of Warwick the castle grew to become one of the largest in England and was home to one of its most powerful families.

What you may not know about Warwick is that you can stay over night in the castle’s tower and feel like a part of the Royal family!
Warwick Castle has two beautiful Tower SuitesThe Peacock Suite (which we stayed in) and The Rose Suite (which accommodates a family). Staying in a suite includes breakfast in your room, a private tour of the castle and two days priority access to the Castle attractions as the Castle Dungeon and all your refreshments. Each Suite is located on its own private floor of the 14th century Caesar’s Tower and has views over the courtyard and river Avon.

The Castle Dungeon Tour takes you through the darkest, bloodiest and most frightening times in the Castle’s history. I have to say I screamed few times and I was really scared in the last room when the witch of the castle appeared! I don’t want to say much more so that I don’t ruin the surprise for those of you who are planning to visit, but I would really recommend to take the tour.

The castle is known for its jaw-dropping history which is on display throughout the castle’s rooms and basement. As a Tower guest you have access to the whole castle outside the normal opening hours which means that you can appreciate all the wonderful history in private. How unique is that!

It was a great experience with a chance to sleep in the fourposter bed and enjoy a glass (bottle:)) of wine on the castle battlements at sunset.
I would recommended this experience to everyone who loves history or who just wants to feel like a princess and her knight 😉

For more informations and booking the experience please find the link: Warwick Castle

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