Athens 32 hours Expedition

Do you remember my adventure in Mykonos last year? A Short Weekend in Mykonos

As you may remember it wasn’t quite the calm, relaxing holiday that had we wished for. Thanks to a strike by the Greek air traffic control staff we were forced to leave the island early, and instead of spending Saturday lazing on the beach we were trapped aboard a ferry to Athens. Well every cloud has a silver lining, and although we were not in city for long we took the opportunity to explore the incredible history of the Greek capital.

The hotel we stayed in on Saturday night turned out to be a little disappointing but it was located very close to the Acropolis so when we arrived in the evening we were able to enjoy a rooftop dinner with a view of one of the 7 wonders of the world.

After a chaotic day it was nice to relax  and plan the following day (including how we were going to get back to London), a plan which we then had to throw away on the way back to our room when were told that the strike had been cancelled!

Thinking we had a flight home booked at 4pm, the next day we got up early and after a quick breakfast took a short walk up the hill to explore the Acropolis. With it being so early on a Sunday we got a little time to really appreciate the history before the inevitable crowds arrived.

This holiday seemed destined to be full of hassle, and having just completed our tour we then found out that Opodo (the company who we had booked our replacement flights with) had charged us but not actually been able to confirm the flight with the airline, which meant that we still did not have a way home. We will NEVER use Opodo again and I would recommend that you all avoid them as well!

Eventually we managed to book a flight back to London leaving on Monday morning, so after all the stress we decided to check in to a hotel by the beach and make the most of the sun before heading back to the English autumn weather.

Driving through the city in the daylight revealed a different side to Athens and I was surprised by the obvious poverty that many people are living in. The news coverage has given us a view of the situation in Greece but when you see the reality for yourself it really hits home, and suddenly we felt lucky to have the ‘problems’ of that weekend.

Even though our visit to Athens was unplanned, the adventure was definately worth it.

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