Arundel Castle, The Day of Knights

England has an amazing treassure of historical buildings such as cathedrals, stately homes and castles. I have visited a few already but the Arundel castle experience was the most unique. Why?

That day it wasn’t only about looking around the castle it was also about enjoying a Medieval Tournament! It was amazing to experience real medieval jousting up close and see the speed, skill and strength involved. Though it may look like theater this was an international tournament with thousands of pounds in prize money on offer, these knights were real athletes!

Arundel castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and the decor inside the castle is just as charming.  You can’t take any photographs of the castle’s rooms, which is not good for my blog (or you), but for visitors it makes it way more enjoyable. My favorite parts of a castle are always bedrooms and libraries.


We happened to get lucky  and were surprised to find the tournament going on when we arrived, but if you are planning to visit the caste  I would try to plan your visit around one of these events.

To plan your visit please find the official web site of the Arundel Castle & Gardens:

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