“Be my Valentine” Guide

For some of us it’s just another day but for some it’s an opportunity to express your love to your partner or your secret crush.

Are you still wondering where to go, what to wear or how to treat your partner? Maybe my post will help you or give you some inspiration.

Valentines ball / Romantic dinner 

No matter where you live there are Valentines themed dinners organised in every city, town and restaurant. If you fancy something more original then how about taking your date to a masquerade ball or Great Gatsby party. I went to a Valentine’s ball last year and the whole event was extraordinary!

Guys, treat your love

There is not a woman who doesn’t enjoy receiving flowers! This Valentine’s tradition is not about giving your loved one something big and expensive, it is the gesture which is important.

Send her a bouquet to work, surprise her with a day trip or give her something small but thoughtful with a breakfast on the morning. Her favourite chocolate, that book she had her eye on or if she is really lucky a small blue Tiffany box which every woman dreams of. There is nothing better than starting your day with a surprise and breakfast in the bed.

Girls, dress up

Since he has planned the day so thoughtfully you will no doubt appreciate the effort and want to make sure he gets the message with your outfit.

No matter the venue for your date a cocktail dress or fitted smart trouser suit and cute accessories will work. Don’t forget to include a touch of red!  Even if it is only the sole of your Louboutin’s. 😉 Perfect makeup and a manicure and of course sexy lingerie is a key to the success. 😉

The 2 outfits I have put together are both a perfect fit for any Valentine’s occasion, so if your partner is keeping the location of your date a secret either of these would be perfect.

And the last look is intended for a celebration at home! Dark red lipstick, champagne, candles, black nails, one statment piece of jewellery and new perfectly fitted underwear.

A great option to go with champagne are strawberries. I love those chocolate strawberries from Godiva, in fact  I started to make them at home myself – easy and very tasty 🙂




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