A Day in Winchester

Winchester is located in Hampshire, south-west of London. The city was the capital of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex and hundreds years ago it was the burial place of kings. In the city which is home to the legendary King Arthur’s Round Table we spent one winter day in January and after exploring the streets it was obvious to me why it used to be the principal city until the 12th century.

Arthur’s Round Table
A magnificent round table that hangs on the wall of the Winchester Great Hall was for many years identified as the Round Table of King Arthur of Camelot. The table is decorated with the names of 24 knights of Arthur’s company and a portrait of the King himself. There are loads of legends and stories about the king and his knights. One of the early medieval romances says that king Arthur introduced a round table so that none of the knights could claim precedence over any other.

The Black Rat
The Black Rat is a Michelin starred restaurant which is a part of a group of local venues including The Black Hole Bed & Breakfast, The Black Boy Pub and the Black Bottle Pub. Each place has it’s own quirky charm and interesting decor.
As you can see from the gallery bellow the food was delicious and it was matched in quality by the drinks on offer. I am not really a fan of dessert wines but the Rubis chocolate wine surprised me! My goal now is to find that bottle in Harrods or any other London’ shop and bring it home!

To plan your visit and book a table please find the attaches official website: The Black Rat

If you are staying in Winchester over night or you arrive in the morning I would recommend having  breakfast at the Forte Kitchen.
The menu contains amazing smoothies, scrambled eggs, a “Full English”, vegetarian options and many more as well as loads of tea to choose from.
To find more about the menu and the whole venue: Forte Kitchen

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