London Football Experience

You can’t call yourself a Czech girl living in London without watching a football match now and again. For Czechs Football and Ice Hockey are the national sports, and England is the home of football. Every Czech boy wants to play in the English Premier League or be the new Jaromir Jagr in the NHL. For girls? We follow our daddies and so are educated in football since we first kick a ball (even if it is by accident 😉 )… and every time Sparta Prague plays Banik Ostrava (yes that is my hometown team;))

Having lived not far from Stamford Bridge, Chelsea was the obvious choice to watch first, and I was actually lucky to experience 2 matches; Chelsea against Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea against Liverpool. I have to say that compared to the crowd in a Czech football stadium it was all very organized and even though you couldn’t have a pint during the match the atmosphere was great anyway. Before and after the match local pubs were packed by excited Chelsea fans and the only topic of conversation was the game. The ground is surrounded by stalls selling football shirts and memorabilia such as mugs, posters and scarves carrying the team badge. If you feel peckish you can grab a sausage roll or sandwich from food stalls while being guarded by policemen on horses looking after all the pre match “chaos”.

Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium is bigger and more modern than Stamford Bridge. I went to watch Arsenal against Chelsea and with Arsenal winning 3-0 it was brilliant to watch! It also happened to be the first game thatcPetr Cech played against Chelsea since he left the club. He is a great goalkeeper with an amazing personality. It was great seeing how fans from both teams were supporting their teams and Petr as well, no matter the colour of the shirt he was wearing.

Of course there are plenty of other London clubs which should be mentioned but I haven’t been to see them play yet, but lets see what future will brings. Obviously I had to go to matches of the two clubs where our the biggest Czech players were playing – Petr Čech and Tomáš Rosický! 🙂

How to get tickets

There are few options for getting hold of tickets for football games. I was lucky enough to live really close to Stamford Bridge, so I could easily get tickets from the stadium, fan shops or local touts. The normal route is to visit club’s official website or online ticket resellers such as

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