Harry Potter World

The bus is not the only way to get from the busy London streets to the “Harry Potter World”, there is now a special Harry Potter train. The Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio is located close to Watford (just north of London). If you are a fan of Harry Potter and his adventures then a trip to the studio HAS TO BE on your list of things to do while visiting London.

I was lucky enough to visit the studio during Christmas which meant that the Great Hall was full of beautiful festive decorations!

The studio contains iconic items from all 7 entries of the magical film series, costumes worn by all the characters, sets from every movie and treasures that have never been seen before, everything you can possibly imagine! Visitors will also discover behind-the-scenes secrets from the films.

The studio tour takes you through sets from the films including Dumbledore’s Office, the Boys’ Dormitory and many more, the thing that surprised me the most was the size of each room which all look so massive on screen.

I really enjoyed seeing how the flying scenes on Nimbus 2000 was filmed and how He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’s mask was created. My favorite room was the very last one before the tour ends in the gift shop; the Magic Wand Shop. It doesn’t sound very exciting as a part of the whole Harry Potter Studio experience, but in this Wand Shop every box carries the name of a person who contributed to the series; everyone who took part actresses, actors, producers, costume makers etc. etc. has a wand box. What a brilliant memory for everyone who was involved with the Harry Potter legacy!

While you are there don’t forget to have a pint of Butterbeer to complete the experience. 😉

The studio is being expanded every year bringing you more and more from the Harry Potter world. Do not miss the Harry Potter gift shop and the chance to purchase one of iconic props as the magic wand! Explore the magic of Harry Potter and become a wizard for a day!


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