Porto, Weekend Away with Boozy Zorro

One of the trips that I didn’t get around to posting about last year was a weekend in Porto. The second biggest city in Portugal surprised me and I enjoyed it that much that I will be back soon.

Boozy Zorro, the Sandeman
The whole region and city is well know for its production of Port wine! Being a local speciality, a variety of Port is high on the menu in every restaurant. What I didn’t realize before is how popular Gin is with the people of Portugal.
Sandeman is one of the major brands of Port and their logo looks like Zorro has exchanged his sword for a glass. This boozy Zorro can be found on the buildings across the city and according to the rules of our new game whenever you see Zorro you have to have a glass of Port. 😉

We stayed in the InterContinental hotel on the Palacio das Cardosas. It was a great location from where you could easily walk around the city and explore. Our hotel was located at the end of the square facing the City Hall. It was only a few minutes walk from the streets where most of the city’s nightlife goes on.

As you would expect from the second biggest city in Portugal there are plenty of great restaurants. We tried a few and really enjoyed the  RIB Beef & Wine and Ode Porto Wine House.

One thing you shouldn’t miss if you visit Porto is the view from the church Igeja de Serra do Pilar which overlooks the whole city. Walking across the bridge Ponte Louis I. (one tip for girls wearing skirt, it is very windy;)) is also one of the site-seeing highlights.
Porto is one of those cities where you don’t need to use any public transport – you can easily explore small hidden streets on foot, and take a break by grabbing a coffee and one of the famous Portuguese custard tarts “pasteis de nata”.

Harry Potter fans will know that this city was part of the inspiration for the story. J.K. Rowling lived here for 2 years teaching English and from visiting places such as Café Majestic, bookshop Livraria Lello and local rail station it’s clear that Porto left a great impression on Rowling. Hand-painted blue and white scenes are often found covering the walls of churches across Porto, which look very much like the moving pictures of Hogwarts.

Where we stayed: InterContinental Porto
Where we ate/drunk: FB – RIB Beef & Wine
FB – ODE Porto Wine House


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