A Day Trip to Brighton

Brighton is a seaside town on the south coast of England. Well known for its pier, the Royal Pavillon and nightlife, it is only about an hour by train from London.

This was my second visit since moving to London. As I said in one of my previous articles I love Autumn especially the beginning of the season, you still can get sunny days but most tourists destinations tent to be less crowded. Call me selfish but I prefer to explore places without sharing them with too many other people.


I was surprised how the town and especially the beach had changed since I last visited 2 years ago. The Ferris Wheel was gone and the new British Airways i360 Tower is there instead. Brighton still has the same vibe for me – easy going and fun. If you are visiting London and you would love to experience the English seaside then Brighton is a good option.

If you prefer the natural beauty of the coast to a seaside town take a look at my previous blog from Eastbourne: On the Edge

For a more historic city by the sea not far from London consider Portsmouth: The View Of Portsmouth

To plan your trip to Brighton check the website: www.visitbrighton.com


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