Autumn Wardrobe Inspiration

The season of thick coats, scarves, gloves, furs and mulled wine is slowly coming. In the meantime we have my favorite time of the year – Autumn.
As much as I love Autumn it is always a tricky time to dress appropriately for and so people tend to look online or in magazines for inspiration. A few weeks ago I brought you some ideas for summer outfits and here I am again with the Autumn wardrobe.

When it comes to dressing smartly I personally wear black in every season and style it with other colours, I use one strong colour to add some excitement to my look. You can brighten your outfit with a statement handbag, piece of jewelry, blouse or a coat.  Any shade of brown, olive, yellow or blue are great combination with the Autumn palette of the colours.

Autumn can be rainy and grey and I find that adding colour lightens my mood as well as my outfit.

More casual outfits give you an option to wear trainers even in autumn. One of my must have this season is a parka with a puffy colourful fur lining. I love to have a parka in the wardrobe because it is stylish, fun and easy to wear.


During those chilly months people often choose to travel somewhere warm and sunny. You don’t need to wear a coat and you can enjoy wearing pieces from your summer wardrobe again. Here are some outfits more appropriate for warmer weather including some of the latest fashion pieces.

Some pieces from my Autumn inspiration are available to purchase on or . Enjoy! 🙂

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