Open-Air Cinema Date

I love watching movies and going to the cinema. During the summer London gives you the opportunity to experience movies in a more unusual setting through outdoor cinemas. You can pick a movie and venue you like from a long list of screenings hosted by organizations such as the Nomad Cinema or Luna Cinema.

We chose to go to Dalloway Terrace were they were showing The Great Gatsby, which was a great fit for the venue. I have wanted to go to the restaurant for a long time and this event was a great reason to finally visit. I accidentally found this beautiful restaurant on the Instagram and I knew straight away that it is a place where I would go with my girl friends, guests visiting from abroad or on a date.

The screening was run by the Nomad Cinema which distributes its profits to charity, so by enjoying yourself you also contribute to helping others.

During the film guests could chose refreshments from the menu. The cocktails were decent and the food was brilliant. Take a lot at the picture gallery to see what we had.

Dalloway Terrace set an Instagram contest for that evening. The rules were simple. Take a photo of the venue, tag  it with #Dallowayfilmclub and share it. At the end of the movie Dalloway Terrace chose a picture and gave the winner a round of cocktails. And the winner was me! 🙂


I will be definitely returning soon. The whole restaurant and terrace is gorgeous and as the decoration changes through the season there is always a reason to revisit! In my eyes this spot is definitely one of the must visite in London.

For more information about Dalloway Terrace:
Dalloway Terrace Instagram:

For more open-air cinema run by Nomad Cinema:


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