Exploring Hampstead Heath

I still remember the first time I saw the Notting Hill movie! It became my favourite film immediately and the track “When you say nothing at all” is my dream wedding song (cheesy I know;)). When I moved to London I started hunting for all spots from the film. Luckily I was working next to the Ritz Hotel and Portobello Market was so close to my home that time so I quickly ticked them off my list. The only spot I didn’t have time to explore was Hampstead Heath. Well, that fact changed recently and I can take it off of my bucket list.

The moment in the Notting Hill film when Julia Roberts meets Hugh Grant again after their painful break up takes place in the grounds of Kenwood House. When we visited the building shone in the sun on the top of the hill overlooking a beautiful park. When the weather is good Londoners come here to relax with a picnic or just lay down on the grass enjoying the peace away from the busy city.

The other attraction of Hampstead Heath is Parliament Hill. When the weather is clear the view over London is breathtaking, particularly at sunrise and sunset. You can see everything from the East side of London, Canary Wharf, the City, London Eye to the BT Tower.

Hampstead Heath park is extensive and there are many beautiful places. One of the less well known spots is the Pergola and Hill Garden. The Georgian garden is a romantic and magical place full of trees, roses and climbing plants. I wish I lived closer and had time to come here to read some of the english classics such as Jane Austen.


During the (rare!) hot days the Bathing Ponds are a great place to cool off. Hampstead Heath brings you an opportunity to escape the city and experience the english countryside in London.

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