The Walk Along Southbank

Every season of the year is a perfect time for a walk along Southbank, even during the miserable weather of the British winter you can still find something to entertain you.

Whenever I have guests in town I liked to take them there. Walking down the riverbank  you are surrounded by iconic buildings, museums, galleries and theaters while being entertained by mimes, musicians, dancers or magicians. The Southbank is also home to many streetfood stalls, restaurants, pubs, pop up shops, festivals and even a skatepark. Your journey can start from the London Eye ending up at Tower Bridge or the other way around.

This walk can also take you to places such as the Shard, Tate Modern, the Globe theatre and Borough Market. Here you can experience any kind of freshly prepared food from all around the world and if you are brave enough you can purchase ingredients for cooking at home.

The Southbank has also appeared in many movies, Love Actually, Brigit Jones,  Last Chance Harvey etc. No wonder; the view from Southbank is spectacular.

Summer vibes

People tend to spend their time during the summer close to the water. When you have no sea nearby then lakes, rivers and lidos will do. That’s why the Southbank is a popular destination for people looking to make the most of the weather. Pubs and their terraces are packed, every green spot is taken by people enjoying their lunch from the close offices and the pop up beach club appears!

Every year the Southbank hosts many festivals over the summer, events include: open cinema, workshops, pétanque or table tennis matches and many more.

This year was particularly busy thanks to the Olympic Games FanZone that was set up next to the Town Hall. People from all countries were coming to enjoy the atmosphere of the London Riviera, support their national team and enjoy a glass of Pimms, beer or cocktail (as I did:).



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