12 Hours in Geneva

When we decided to visit Geneva I didn’t know what to expect but that city literally amazed me! Despite being a modern, economically strong city with its own deep history it is also quiet, calm and beautiful as a Swiss village in the mountains.

The Hotel  DE LA PAIX, A Ritz – Carlton partner Hotel  we stayed in has the best view of the Lake Geneva, Alps, Mont Blanc and the fountain. In my opinion it is the best place to stay in the city also known as  “The Smallest of Big Cities” or “The City of Peace”.

If you feel peckish and you want to enjoy a glass of great wine, decent buffet and live DJ visit the restaurant Capocaccia which was recommended to me by my friend who lived in Geneva for years before moving to London.

We spent only a few hours in Geneva so I will definitely be returning to the city of luxury watches boutiques, fine chocolates and spectacular landscape.
I loved the way you enter the city by car through the mountains giving you charming moments of the sunshine touching the water on the lake, the shinning peak of the Mont Blanc and the beautiful colour symphony of the fountain.

Swans are my favorite birds so I was delighted to find that the lake was home to loads of them. Did you know that swans can die from a broken heart? So always look for a pair.

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