MEATOPIA, A Festival For Meat Lovers

Festival of meat, fire, smoke, bbq, music and great food and drinks.

The Meatopia festival took place again in Tobacco Dock in East London. The whole event happened over 3 days.

The program also included dance, drums and singing performances, magicians, DJs such as Norman Jay and many more. My friend (to whom I am thankful for a ticket) DJ BBQ‘s ran the “Cutting Stage” where guests could watch chefs cooking and talking through the whole process, their story, the tools they use etc.

I wish you could experience the amazing taste of everything I had the pleasure to try! I attended the event on the Sunday and I really regret that I couldn’t make it to Friday and Saturday. Each day featured a different team of chefs with a variety of food backgrounds from America, Asia and across Europe all preparing their own unique meat-based dish.

My personal favorites that day were the steak from HAWKSMOOR and the pork rib from ROKA (which is also one of my favorite restaurants in London).

You could find not only the savoury delicacy but also sweet marshmallows, ice cream and brownies. The variety and quality of drinks matched that of the food on offer. From beer which goes hand in hand with a BBQ to gin, boozy ice tea, whisky or coffee. There were plenty of different draft beers to try so as a Czech girl I appreciated the chance to taste as many as possible 😉
Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea was a great surprise find, alcoholic, delicious and low calorie!

I love these kind of events and I have to say that Meatopia is so far the best of the food festivals I have visited.

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Snímek obrazovky 2016-09-05 v 23.02.33

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