The Treat of St. Tropez

The last weekend of August is a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK and I enjoyed the last bits of the summer and sun in St. Tropez, the village of luxury, yachts, parties and Luis de Funés.

Opposite the police station from the classic French movie “The Troops of St.Tropez” is the Hotel De Paris. Famous not only for its unique location but also for its amazing style and history, it is a timeless symbol of St. Tropez. Since the opening in 1931 the hotel has consistently provided the warmest welcome, great service and comfort and hence has become a magnet for celebrities when they visit the village. The hotel also exhibits contemporary art in the lobby and public spaces. Currently visitors can see the beautiful statues of Carole Feuerman, photos of the most famous gorgeous Brigitte Bardot by Leonard de Raemy and colorful statues of David Kracov.

St. Tropez is home to flashy yachts, super cars and streets of luxury boutiques. The fashion house Dior has its own café with a beautiful garden (13 rue Francois Sibilli). The breakfast and the overall experience was as beautiful as you would expect from the house of Dior. You should definitely stop by for a coffee when you visit the village.

The hottest tips for clubbing are the VIP Room, KORI, Les Caves du Roy or L’Opera. For anyone who has been out in Mayfair or South Kensington in London it will be a familiar scene, so if you want to take a break from that kind of night out the beach parties are the right choice.

St.Tropez is a home of Nikki Beach (as with Miami, Thailand, Ibiza, Dubai … ) and as always the club hosts the biggest day parties in the area. The theme of the season opening party is always WHITE and the closing is RED in colour. The theme we were delighted to experience was ALICE IN THE WONDERLAND. It was fun, fashionable, crazy and cool as the Nikki Beach brand. The venue where the champagne flows welcomes party guests around its swimming pool, surrounded by sun beds in a smart and stylish setting. 

For lunch or just a more relaxed day on the beach I would recommend Club 55, located on Pampelonne Beach just down the coast from Nikki Beach. Club 55 has been one of the legendary establishments of St. Tropez since 1955. We spent a day there and their Pimm’s under the shade of bamboo tasted just as good as in the UK (even if the glasses were a bit smaller than a Czech girl would like:) )

It would be easy to write a paragraph about where to eat and mention all those posh places where the celebrities go. But I love to explore when I am on holiday and experience some of the small restaurants in the backstreets owned by the local people. The warm atmosphere, chatty staff, delicious food and wine of Grenadine proved to me that this was the right decision. I enjoyed the best fish soup I have had in years and the tuna steak topped with foie gras was amazing! The restaurant is located in one of the small streets of the heart of the village (11 rue de la citadelle). In 3 days we had a dinner there twice and I would definitely go back next time I am around.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I would be delighted if you give me your feedback or any tips you may have for me in my future adventures. 🙂

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