Party with DJ BBQ

The history of BBQ started when a man put the piece of meat on the open fire. That is what I was told by the man with whom my BBQ started – Christian Stevenson also known as DJ BBQ.

We met 3 years ago and it took me that long to get into his backyard for a cook out. Busy working Londoners. The first cookout was amazing, the second was brilliant and I can’t wait for the next one.

The American chef, host and a Youtube star also famous for wearing crazy costumes during his performances showed me how to smash the massive steak with a frying pan, how to make a great salad dressing and introduced me to more types of salt and chilli sauce than I could possibly imagine.  I followed every single step carefully and loved the results. As you can see the food looks amazing and tasted even better. It was a symphony for all senses.

I repaid Christian’s generosity by  demonstrating him my cocktails making skills (which I did not know I have before:)) and the latest CD of Michael Bolton.

Thanks Christian for feeding me, teaching me, introducing me to Mr. Hank and generally being a great host.

Christian is a part of the Jamie Oliver Food Network and posts a new video recipe every Friday on his YouTube channel:

Follow him on Instagram for delicious looking food, crazy costumes and updates from food festivals around the UK:

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