RedBull AirRace Weekend

Who does not like RedBull supported events! They are always fun, extraordinary and unique. I have been to few but the one I always wanted to go was the RedBull AirRace at Ascot.

I finally went this year, the weekend of 13th and 14th of August! The air space above Ascot, most famous for horse racing, for one weekend was the second busiest after the Heathrow International Airport in the South West side of London.

Ascot has a long tradition of hosting sport events during the summer time, so I felt obliged to indulge in the classic english summer drink “Pimm’s and lemonade” (being Czech this meant pints:)).

I did not know what to expect but the event literally took my breath away especially since there are two brilliant  Czech pilots taking part in the RedBull AirRace series.

The Ascot race was the fifth out of the eight races this season. Fourteen talented pilots do their best to win World Championship points at each race and the pilot with the most points after the last race of the season becomes the Red Bull Air Race World Champion.
As it was my first AirRace event I did not manage to master the rules of the AirRace so if you feel like you want to start to follow this sport (as I did) please click at the RedBull link:

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Martin Sonka and Petr Kopfstein who are our Czech pilots in this series. Both men are former members of the Czech Acrobatic Team and share a passion for flying. Martin is an ex Air force pilot and a has been competing in the AirRace since 2010 on the other hand Petr is making his AirRace debut this season.

I am TEAM SONKA, TEAM KOPFSTEIN and definitely TEAM CZECH!!!!  Thank you all for an amazing weekend! I missed home like never before 🙂 

To follow Martin Sonka: / FB page – MartinSonka

To follow Petr Kopfstein: / FB page – Petr Kopfstein


For this event I wore a dress from the Michael Kors Collection, Givenchy scarf, DKNY bracelet, MICHAEL Michael Kors trainers and black framed sunglasses by Rayban.

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