Summer Inspiration by B.

Summer is here and brings with it amazing events such as Chelsea Flower Show, Royal Ascot, RedBull Air Race, Henley Royal Regatta and more.

Every event comes with its own dress code, which every woman loves! Doing research through fashion magazines, blogs and social media. Following the latest fashion trends and finding inspiration from fashion icons such as the Duchess of Cambridge is almost as enjoyable as attending the event itself! 

Every event requires careful planning from head to toe. But there is more to achieving the perfect look than clothes. What about hair, make up, nails and accessories? Women have always displayed their personality through their outfits and summer provides plenty of opportunities for a woman to express herself. 

Once you have found your perfect outfit you need the all important finishing touches. No outfit is complete without the right jewels and accessories. We recommend complementing the outfit with statement jewelry!

When it comes to the earnings make sure they are on show and not lost under your fabulous hat. Oscar de la Renta or Lanvin earnings would stand out nicely against the white of the outfit to add some excitement to your look! 

Something you will not find in a style guide but is common knowledge: never match your bag and shoes. The contrasting materials highlight the quality of each piece individually. As ever avoid combining prints, colours and embroidery, especially at a prestigious event such the Royal Ascot.

I bring you a few inspirations for the upcoming events. Sleek, smart, romantic and strong, just as today’s modern woman! As I used to work for talented fashion designer Kristina Stets every look as one or more pieces from her S/S 16 collection White Instinct

SKIRT (kopie)
Summer Rooftop Brunch inspiration: Top: Michael Kors collection, Skirt: Kristina Stets, Handbag: Bottega Veneta, Sunglasses: Rayban, Hat:Maison Michel, Bracelet: Valentino, Shoes: Jimmy Choo
new inspiration
Royal Ascot inspiration: Skirt&Top: Kristina Stets, Earings: Oscar de la Renta, Hat: Jane Taylor, Shoes: Nicolas Kirkwood, Clutch: YSL
Blue Henley Regatta inspiration: Top: D&G, Skirt: Kristina Stets Handbag: Bottega Veneta, Sunglasses: Dior, Earings: Mizuki, Shoes: Nicolas Kirkwood
my favourite
GoodWood inspiration: Top: Helmut Lang, Culottes: Kristina Stets handbag: Comme des Garcons Hat: Étoile Isabel Marant, Scarf: YSL, Nacklase: Isabel Marant, Shoes: Aquazzura
Wimbledon inspiration: Hat: Jane Taylor, Dress: Victoria Beckham, Handbag: Bottega Veneta, Earings: Lanvin, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Blazer: Kristina Stets
skirt 2-
Chelsea Flower Show inspiration: Top: Kristina Stets, Skirt: D&G, Handbag: Lanvin, Sunglasses: Linda Farrow, Earings + rind: Katerina Makriyianni, Shoes: Francesco Russo
Black/White inpiration: Top: Helmut Lang, Sunglasses: Rayban, Necklase: Kennet Jay Lane, Pants&Blazer: Kristina Stets, Handbag: Michael Kors collection, Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Red Summer festival inspiration: Top: Splendid, Culottes: Kristina Stets, Handbag: Michael Kors collection, Sunglasses: Christopher Kane, Bracelet: Balenciaga Shoes: Aquazzura, Lipstick: MAC





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